Architectural services



Interior design is a substantial part of our work. Based on the received informations we prepare an original design solution, which is introduced to you in detail on a personal meeting. On such a presentation, we also show you various material samples- individual pieces or  applied in the interior examples. We can compare for you different alternatives of the materials, and tell you all the advantages, disadvantages and impacts on price. Each project is unique for us and therefore we accompany you in every phase of it, solving even the smallest details, so that your kitchen would be original, beautiful and practical.  The 3D visualisations (graphic design) and calculations are important part of the provided documantaion, and we do not a charge for it additionally.

In cooperation with our sister studio P6PA + Architects we can handle all phases of the project development, starting with generating architectural concepts, through the process of preparing and assembling the advanced construction docummentation, finishing with execution of the architectural project and technical supervision.